Umeå is the municipality where the number of people that earn more than one million kronor per year is the highest in the county of Västerbotten. CERE’s Runar Brännlund comments on the statistics saying that they again provide “an image that all of Norrland is a sparsely populated area” in Västerbottens Folkblad on June 4, 2017.

In the municipality of Umeå in 2015, 669 people earned above one million Swedish kronor each year. Equaling 0,6 percent of the municipality population. The municipalities in Västerbotten closes to that percentage reaches 0,2 or 0,1 percent. It is notable that SCB, due to privacy, cannot release information if the number of people falls below four. However, according to Runar these statistics point to the differences as to where the highly productive job opportunities are:

“- The issues show that there are indeed differences in the structure of trade and industry between different places and that it is in the larger cities that the high production jobs are to be found. That is if assuming that that the high productive workplaces pay more than the low productive, he says.”

The average number of people in the realm that earns a million Swedish krona per year is 0,8 percent, which is higher than the municipality of Umeå.

“- Then we return to the image where all of Norrland is seen as sparsely populated area and that we have a larger share of low productive jobs. It is certainly not ideal from a future development perspective, says Runar Brännlund.”

"Lista: Här tjänar flest över miljonen" published June 4th, 2017 in Västerbottens Folkblad. Can only be read in paper format, only in Swedish.

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