CERE's Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström states their views on what they call the intellectual collapse of environmental policy in Barometern. They claim that it is "no longer about difficult tradeoffs, not even about making impact assessments". They argue that environmental policy moves away from evidence-based policies towards measures without scientific support that are unnecessarily costly, and that both the environment and taxpayers could benefit from improved environmental policies.

"The Swedish environmental policy of today lives in an intellectual vacuum that in the long run, both the environment and taxpayers pick up the bill for. Introducing new tools for environmental policy supported by solid economic theory is replaced by symbolic politics without principles. The environmental policy has lost its intellectual vitality."

Read the full article "Miljöpolitikens intellektuella kollaps" (The intellectual collapse of the environmental policy) in Barometern, published February 19, 2018. Please note: only in Swedish.

Quotes translated by webmaster. 

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