CERE’s Runar Brännlund explains in an article on SvD debate what he considers to be political decisions comprised of a mess of more or less useless subsidies and taxes. Decisions discussed are the taxation on air travels introduced April 1st, 2018 and the bonus malus taxation on cars being introduced July 1st, 2018.

Runar calls the political decisions for green washing, only creating an image of powerful and effective measures but in practice it means costs and a redistribution of resources between different groups in society, without any real climate effect. If the objective is to reduce global emissions, then the EU ETS already in place, is a better tool and can be expanded to include more countries and sectors. Closer to home the carbon tax is a known effective tool and any revenue from it can be used to compensate for undesired distribution effects.

The article in SvD "Professor: Flygskatten och bonus-malus saknar effekt" was published online June 13, 2018. (only in Swedish)
Read the report that the article refers to; "En analys av svenska miljöskatters effektivitet" Svenskt näringsliv (Confederation of Swedish Enterprise) June 2018. (only in Swedish)

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