It appears that the Swedish environmental goal “Healthy Forests” (Levande skogar) might not reach its goal in 2020. CERE’s Göran Bostedt comments on this in “Ekonomisk Debatt” (Economics Debate) nr 5 2019. He considers other options and if it is not about time to turn our eyes to neighboring Finland.

“Insufficient goal fulfillment, poor cost-effectiveness and a low acceptance of forest policy – it might not be surprising that, as an economist, one starts to wonder if more market inspired instruments might be able to succeed better.” In Ekonomisk Debatt, Göran Bostedt discus using Green auctions, a successful concept that has been used for conservation in Finland. Similar instruments have been tried in Sweden, but with completely different results. Göran points out a number of flaws responsible for the lack of success in Sweden.

Read the entire article ”Naturskydd på anbud” in Ekonomisk Debatt nr 5 2019, 47. (Only in Swedish)

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