After receiving the best PhD course prize last year, Behavioural Environmental Economics course was organized again in June 2019 in SLU Ultuna Campus. (click on headline to learn more)
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The course aims to provide understanding of topics in environmental and resource economics from a behavioural economics perspective. Students learn how to apply the theory and the methods such as field and laboratory experiments to the environmental issues to discover how individuals actually behave, and how normative theories and frameworks fail to capture the actual behaviour.

Compared to last year, the number of applications and the accepted students are doubled in 2019: We received 85 applications from all over the world and 40 of them were accepted. Learn more about the course. 

We also have a group called BEEn (Behavioural Environmental Economics Network) which aims to bring scholars together working on issues related to environmental and resource economics from a behavioural perspective. BEEn collects and disseminate information about related conferences, research and announcements. Click here if you want to learn more about the group and become a member.

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