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Newsletter 4, sent out November 30th
Authored by Golnaz Amjadi and Mona Bonta Bergman

Foreign ownership in Sweden no effect on unions’ bargaining power
Landscape planning to promote biodiversity and a varied forestry
PhD Brian Danley guest at the University of Stirling
Does Corporate Social Responsibility pay off?
Feminism, Forests and Food Security
Learned reading patterns matter
Newsletter 3, sent out October 3rd
Authored by Victoria Ayubu and Aemiro Melkamu

New research school in Economics and Ecology
Avoid subsidies at the electricity market


Newsletter 4, sent out November 30th 
Authored by Golnaz Amjadi and Aemiro Melkamu 

Two new articles on: energy use on appliances level, hourly income elasticities, monetary incentives of load shifting
New article on evaluating conceptual definitions of ecosystem services
CERE welcomes post doc Erlend Dancke Sandorf
Large grant to CERE member
New Assistant Professor at SLU
Newsletter 3, sent out October 4th
Authored by Victoria Ayubu och Alejandro Egües

Natural capital has declined and produced capital increased
Tradable Permits in Cost-benefit Analysis
Welcome to CERE Klarizze Puzon
A new book on the impact of Climate Policy on Environmental and Economic Performance
Newsletter 2, sent out June 8th
Authored by Tharshini Thangavelu and Anders Vesterberg

Philip Kofi Adom received the Global Swede 2016
Considerable potentials to improve the energy efficiency of Swedish industrial firms
The role of the forests as a mitigation strategy
Preference Cloud Theory, a two-step model of decision making under risk
Energy efficiency improvements in Swedish industry possible with a well-designed tax system
The largest welfare losses can be avoided, by accounting for forest emissions

Newsletter 1, sent out March 2nd
Authored by Oben Bayrak and Mattias Vesterberg

Energy demand Management in Selected African Countries
New theory for decision making under risk
Increase carbon storage in forests
There is potential energy efficiency improvement in all Swedish industry manufacturing sectors
What is the value of marine environmental improvements?
Time to register to Ulvön


Newsletter 3, sent out December 1st
Authored by Mattia Luigi Ratti and Sandra Schusser

New PhD student at CERE: Welcome Aemiro Melkamu, from Ethiopia
CERE Members strengthen collaboration with universities abroad
Upcoming book in Cost-Benefit Analysis by Professors Per-Olov Johansson and Bengt Kriström
Successful course premiere
Learn more about the, in September, most downloaded CERE paper

Newsletter 2, sent out September 30th
Authored by Golnaz Amjadi and Philip Kofi Adom

Autumn Courses
CERE welcomes a new PhD student
Busy summer for CERE people
CERE researchers present at renowned conference
Report from the Ulvön Conference 2015
CERE tidbits September 2015
Newsletter 1, sent out June 3rd

Authored by Alejandro Egüez and Shanshan Zhang

Better incentives for electricity consumers' flexibility to real time prices
Transaction cost lower with carbon tax
5 new PhD's at CERE
Intermittent energy on the Winter meeting agenda
Wanted: PhD's in economics, environmental
CERE tidbits June 2015
Students learn how to value the invaluable


Newsletter 2, sent out may 6th

Authored by Juan Inda and Katarina Östberg

Men buy renewable energy
Biased numbers from the World Bank
New Postdoc at CERE – Maria Arvaniti
CERE's annual winter workshop – Ammarnäs 2014
Introducing CERE tidbits

newsletter 1, sent out on February 25th

Authored by Mona Bonta Bergman

Time to register...
CERE proudly presents two new co-workers
Easier to research on emission trade
Renowned researcher strengthens CERE
Goal Conflicts and Spillover Effects in Swedish Environmental Policy


newsletter 7, sent out on DECEMBER 3rd
newsletter 6, sent out on october 8th
newsletter 5, sent out on september 12th
newsletter 1, sent out on january 30th


Newsletter 8, sent out on december 10th
newsletter 7, sent out on october 30th
newsletter 6, sent out on october 2nd
Authored by Erik Brockwell and Lei Shi
Price increase in electricity – not due to deregulation
Professor Paul Warde to Umeå
Weddings at CERE
Meet two new PhDs at CERE
The CERE Kick-off, Music Concert and Fikas
Newsletter 5, sent out on september 4th
Newsletter 4, sent out on may 29th
newsletter 1, sent out february 28th 


Authors, Christos Verouchis and Mikael Levin
HANNAH database
CERE held the 18th conference on Environmental Economics at Ulvön 21-23 June.
Happiness, Time-Use and Public Policy
19th EAERE in Prague 2012
Meet Chandra Kiran, new post doc 
Authors, Erik Brockwell and Örjan Furtenback 
The Ulvön Conference
News from CERE seminars
Launch of the new CERE webpage
The Ammarnäs Workshop
About the newsletter
Newsletter 1, sent out May 3rd
7 million kronor to CERE
Efficiency and productivity
Project in forestry policy in Sweden-non-industrial forest owner's environmental consideration
Two new publications for CERE; Environmental compensation and Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA)
A belated welcome to two new CERE post-docs; Jūratė and Kelly

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