Research areas

  • Property rights in the context of natural resources
  • Management of natural resources (forest, wildlife, fishery)
  • Valuation of environmental and natural resources
  • Green accounting and welfare measurement
  • Long-run relations between economic growth and the environment
  • Climate economics and policy
  • Energy economics and policy
  • Sustainable and responsible investments
  • Public Policy, redistribution and efficiency


At CERE, we have a five-step strategy to integrate research and researchers.

1. CERE promote working groups

At CERE, we encourage researchers to take initiative. We therefore create funding opportunities for smaller working groups of researchers. These can be freely designed with both internal and external researchers that work both within and outside of social sciences.

Photo: Mona Bonta Bergman2. CERE's got a wide stretched Research Colloquium

At CERE, we stimulate the day-to-day scientific discussion and critical review. We therefore provide a wide stretched research colloquium rich on knowledge and an internal forum where researchers can get response on their work by well-known and experienced people within their field.

3. CERE offers guest researcher program

At CERE, we favor visits from well-known and up-and-coming scholars. We therefore finance a guest researcher program were we annually invite a renowned researcher to Umeå for a week of 3-4 lectures for the research colloquium. We also have the long-term goal to annually sponsor a longer stay (6-12 months) for 2-4 researchers. Furthermore, we strengthen the working groups with visiting researchers for shorter periods of time (3-4 weeks).

Photo: Mona Bonta Bergman4. CERE arranges conferences

AT CERE, we offer postdoctoral researchers a top class and inspiring working environment. We therefore offer, in addition to the guest researcher program and research colloquium, annual conferences on Ulvön and in Ammarnäs. The conferences are a possibility for postdoctoral researchers among others, to present their work for many renowned and leading researchers. These are also golden opportunities for researchers to meet and be inspired by others within their field.

5. CERE communicates with the outside world

At CERE we strive for a good relation with people interested in our work. We therefore constantly update our web with the latest news on CERE regarding both our staff and our research. Don't miss our newsletter that is sent out four times a year. Click here to subscribe.

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