Anslag: 1,5 mkr
Finansiär: Bio4energy
Löptid: 2017-07-01 till 2019-06-30
Forskare i projektet: Tommy Lundgren och Zhou Wenchao

Considering the far-reaching changes in the national and European energy system, e.g. the ensuing phase out of Swedish nuclear power, it is imperative to look at alternatives when considering new forms of energy sources. Forest fuels have received particular attention in Sweden. It is estimated that the shortage of biomass for energy from European forests is over 300 million m3 in 2030. This research aims to study the forest as a source of sustainable alternative renewable energy. Specifically, the project aims to answer the following questions: (1) To what degree is forest fuel produced inefficiently from a production theoretic perspective? (2) Does the production efficiency change over time, and if so, what are its determinants? (3) What is the potential of increased production of forest fuel by eliminating inefficiencies, while still maintaining sustainability in production? (4) What policies could eliminate the inefficiencies? (5) What are the potential market and climate effects of eliminating inefficiencies?

Results from the project will provide important information to the debate on alternative renewable energy sources, and can serve as a basis for energy policy decisions beyond the Europe 2020 strategy. Although the results are specific for Sweden, implications are useful in an EU context.


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