Finansiär: Energimyndigheten
Löptid: 2013-2014

There has for a long time been a debate in the energy and economics literature about the potential to cost-effectively reduce energy demand. There are a vast number of analyses suggesting that the potential is substantial. As an example, the EU has an energy efficiency target to reduce energy demand by 20 percent till 2020. In recent years incomplete information and behavioral anomalies have received more attention in energy economics. If firms and households do not have appropriate information the market solution will most likely not be at the social optimum. Inefficiencies may also arise if households cannot use information effectively due to cognitive limitations or if they under some circumstances act seemingly irrational. In the process of designing the optimal mix of policy instruments it is important to assess the extent of individual market failures and how they effectively can be addressed. In the project we contribute to this work by reviewing the literature and designing the field experiments concerning informational failures and behavioral anomalies in the context of household energy demand.


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