Finansiär: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
Löptid: 2011-2014
Kontakt: Ann-Kristin Bergquist

We explore the interplay between environmental adaptation, technological development and structural change in the Swedish pulp and paper industry from 1960-1990. During this period, the costs for environmental protection in the pulp and paper industry amounted to about 10-15 percentage of total investments. At the same time, significant emission cuts were accomplished. These changes were carried out simultaneously to the Swedish economy undergoing a period of structural crisis and transformation. The high proportion of environmental investments indicates that environmental adaptation interplayed with an ongoing structural change in the industry; effects that have not been explored in research thus far. In practice, increasing demands for pollution control, caused by a new regulation in 1969, coincide with a need for structural changes, increased efficiency and lowered energy costs. Our project aims at enhancing the empirical and theoretical understanding of how demands for environmental protection interplayed with technological and structural changes during the late the 20th century.


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