By now all CERE members have seen the launch of the new and improved CERE website. For an ever growing research organization, this site reflects the strong research environment we have become. The sleek and minimalistic layout is very easy to navigate. On this website, you can see summaries and listings of all the latest news including new CERE researchers, funds received and courses to be given. The "About CERE" page gives an up-to-date listing of major CERE events and seminars to be provided. A further listing, with details, of ongoing and finished research projects within CERE is available in the "Research" area as well as an up-to-date catalogue of CERE publications and commissions within CERE. Also advertised is the newly constructed HANNAH database which will be discussed in the upcoming CERE newsletter. Also, as always, contact listings of CERE personnel with updated details are provided.


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