Chandra Kiran is the latest addition to CERE. He was born in India at 1977 and comes from the small town (7-8 mil. pop.) Bangalore, part of a region called Andraprodesh.
Chandra finished his higher education in India:
  • bachelor degree: mechanical engineer
  • master degree: economics. (thesis topic: impact of restrictions on carbon emissions on the Indian Economy)
After that he moved to Columbia University, New York and started his PhD education in 2005 that lasted until May 2011. His PhD was on sustainable development, more detailed:
  • Climate change impact on Indian Agriculture
  • Management of Groundwater under uncertainty
  • Changes in extreme rainfalls over India.
He has been in Umeå since August 2011 and finds it a quiet and sunny city and the CERE facilities so far comparable to those of the Columbia University. The people he finds nice and friendly but a bit introvert.
He is married to Kalyani, a lecturer of the department of psychology specialized in child psychology. Chandra spends his leisure time reading literature and philosophy, gym, tracking and hiking, movies music etc.

Chandra Kiran


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