UlvönThe conference is held at Ulvön (the Wolf Island) which is a small, old fishing hamlet located at the Swedish east-coast, about 40 km south of Örnsköldsvik (500 km north of Stockholm). The island has about 40 around the year residents but is a popular travel destination for tourists during the summer.

The key purpose of the conference is to allow PhD students to present their work and to create a forum for research in environmental economics. This year's conference pre-opened one day before the actual conference with a course at Umeå University in non-linearities, threshold effects and catastrophic risk in dynamic resource management. The conference had nearly 40 visitors and a total amount of 21 speakers from various fields with a broad spectrum of different research subjects within environmental economics. Besides the seminars there was also the opportunity to try the local culinary delicacy, fermented herring, or "surströmming". Some seemed to enjoy it more than others for unclear reasons. There were also some sporadically arranged expeditions to see a moose, and the most persistent ones actually succeeded to find one.

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Ulvön Conference 


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