HANNAH (Humans Affect Nature, Nature Affects Humans) is a result of work carried out by a research group of economists and economic historians at CERE (Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics) within the University of Umeå.

The overall aim of this database is to assist and support cooperation and further research amongst CERE members and with other researchers working with CERE. Datasets included range a wide variety of issues including, but not limited to, economic growth, environmental issues, manufacturing and related issues. Whilst the majority of data available pertains to Sweden, other countries are available in certain categories.

It is strongly encouraged for all to sign up. If the data is not relevant for you now, it may well be in the future. Plus, through contributing data, there exists further collaboration and research help for CERE members, CERE partners and those interested in collaboration. Signing up is easy; to sign up visit http://hannah.cere.se on the right hand side of the home page, you will see the icon for "Create an account". As we aim for all of CERE to be involved, what we expect is for firstly all to register. If there are any researchers looking for data, willing to start a new project or willing to share data they have, all are welcome to apply. Once registered, you can see all available datasets on the tab labeled "Research". You may only download data once fully registered but once there, there are no limits to download. However, we strongly encourage everyone to donate datasets that are available.

For more information or discuss any of these issues further please contact the site administrator, Erik Brockwell or the head of CERE, Bengt Kriström or visit http://hannah.cere.se


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