Erik Brockwell, PhD student at CERE reports from a research stay abroad.Erik Brockwell in Berkeley

From the 18th of August to the 18th of December I stayed as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. My main function there was to take advantage of the academic environment around me through input on current research projects as well as taking two courses relevant to my research at Umeå University. Courses taken were "Applied Econometrics" by Prof. Michael Anderson and "Natural Resource and Environmental Economics" by Prof. Peter Berck and Prof. Christian Traeger. These were useful courses to take as Applied Econometrics provided insight into what econometric methods were useful for certain studies in the applied sense as well as pitfalls into certain econometric methods and how to overcome them. Natural Resource and Environmental Economics put a spin on previous environmental economics courses taken through topical environmental economic analysis on topical issues that we face, e.g. climate change and optimal extraction of scarce resources. I would advise anyone who has the opportunity to go to Berkeley to do so as not only do you get to spend time with academics at one of the world's leading universities but also the area is a very nice place to enjoy yourself with many things to do when work is not due.

Erik Brockwell
PhD Student, Umeå University


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