The thesis entitled Environmental Compensation is not for the Birds: Assessing social welfare impacts of resource-based environmental compensation will be defended by Scott Cole, PhD candidate on May 18th.

Scott ColeThe thesis contains three papers that explore issues in scaling resource-based compensation for environmental damage that may arise from e.g., oil spills, wind power impacts on wildlife, or loss of wetlands. Cole notes thatsociety faces an opportunity cost when deciding how much to compensate for a given loss -- even if the polluter is assumed responsible for paying the compensation. The implication is that some scaling methods may fail to inform policy makers of the inescapable environmental trade-offs that arise in offsetting environmental losses.

Three economic professors and one biology professor will be traveling to Umeå to participate in the grading committee and defense, including Per-Olov Johansson (Stockholm School of Economics), Anne-Sophie Crepin (Beijer Institute for Ecological Economics), Patrick Södermalm (Luleå University), and Torgeir Nygård (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research).


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