Renewable resources models including predator-prey relations and post-conflict recovery are research interests that the two visiting professors are involved in.

Gardner BrownTwo professors' visits CERE in May and June. Gardner Brown, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington will arrive at the end of May and stays through the whole of June. He will be keynote speaker at the Ulvön conference in 19-21 June. Gardner Brown specializes in natural resource economics and applied microeconomic theory. The focus of his research has been on studying renewable resources models including predator-prey relations, metapopulations and antibiotics. He has also been working with endangered populations and in non-market valuation including valuations of changes in ecosystems due to global climate change. His most recent research interest is the implications of ecosystem natural non-convexities for managing non-market ecosystem services.

Erwin BulteErwin Bulte, Professor of environmental and natural resource economics at Tilburg University will visit CERE in June and give a course about "Institutions, Development and Resource Management". Erwin Bulte has mainly been working within the domain of natural resource economics but has also a broader approach with research interests in the economics of institutional change, social capital, development, conflict, and post-conflict recovery.


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