From 18th to 20th of March, a Workshop on Biofuels Policies was held in Hafjell, Lillehammar, Norway. This workshop was sponsored by the ENTWINED project and Statistics Norway (SSB).
Most of the presentations were related to bio-energy issues, while some were on different aspects of energy and climate policies.

Bengt Kriström and Chandra Kiran were invited to give a presentation titled "Residential Demand for Green Energy" together. Bengt first spoke about OECD surveys on WTP for green energy, including inter-country variation and policy implications as regards expansion of green energy mandates and systems. Kiran then presented ongoing work, with Kriström, about the determinants of WTP for green energy, in a cross-country context, and presented a slightly novel approach to thinking of this issue. It was interesting workshop with a lot of discussions and feedback.


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