Anders_VesterbergMeet Anders Vesterberg, a new PhD student at CERE

A warm welcome to our new PhD student Anders Vesterberg. He was born in Umeå and has lived here most of his life. Anders has a background as an IT-consultant, a system architect, a program developer, as well as a project manager. His interest in macro- and environmental economics made him quit his job and start studying in Economics at Umeå University.

His research area is climate change economics and integrated assessment models. He will work in a project aiming at addressing three important areas in these models: estimation (and treatment) of damages, treatment of uncertainty and incorporating adaptation. Besides that, he is also interested in dynamical systems.

Anders spends most spare time with his family. And you will often find him taking long walks in the forest with his golden retriever or out running. He was also a bass player in a rock cover band before he started his studies here. He describes himself as a very curious person, sometimes too curious for his own good and he loves books.

Mattias_VesterbergMeet Mattias Vesterberg, a new PhD student at CERE

Mattias Vesterberg is a new member of CERE. He was born and raised in Umeå. He started his academic career with history of ideas and then moved on to economics. He has been working as a teaching assistant at the department during his Master study, he is now happy to be a PhD.

He is mainly interested in behavioral economics and consumer theory, these will be applied on the energy market in his research. He will be part of the Industrial Doctoral School (IDS) and he will collaborate with Skellefteå Kraft.

On his leisure time he does a lot of sports: running, orienteering, biking, skiing, kayaking, etc. He has two dogs that often come along on different adventures. Music is another interest. In the past he has played drums in several punk bands and has done a shorter tour in Russia.


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