The 12th IAEE European Energy Conference was held in Venice, Italy on September 9-12. The Conference is dedicated to providing a forum to discuss all issues related to security of supply, geopolitical aspects and environmental problems. 8 plenary and 80 concurrent sessions were organized by the IAEE.

Andrew Zaeske and Chandra Kiran participated in this conference and gave presentations followed by a most welcomed discussion. Andrew Zaeske presented one paper titled "Measuring Efficiency in Wholesale Energy Production," In which a macroeconomic wholesale energy production model was laid out and being used to look at the effects of heterogeneous policies within a common electricity market. Zaeske found that production specific taxes have unclear effects on the final market price, although most Nordic taxes and subsidies as currently structured are likely to have minimal direct effects.

Chandra Kiran presented his paper titled "Determinants of the WTP for Green Energy: A cross-country analysis". In this paper, Kiran attempted to understand the determinants of WTP for Green energy using the results of a survey of 11 OECD countries in 2011, in terms of two sets of measures: economic (including income) and attitudinal. In contrast to prior studies, the WTP choice is modeled as having two components, one a determination of whether to pay anything at all, and the second, on how much to pay. It is shown that economic criteria appear to be a less important determinant of how much to pay, and more important for whether to pay anything at all while attitudinal characteristics appear to play a significant role in the quantity.

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