Ann-Kristin Bergquist, Assistant Professor at CERE, reports from her three month long visit in Boston, as visiting researcher at Harvard Business School.

Spending three months at Harvard Business School is not a long time, not since Harvard has so much to offer. Also the city of Boston, the state of Massachusetts as well as the region of New England offers a lot. I arrived at the beginning of September from a conference in Paris. For a Swede from the very north, arriving was dramatic. I was housed the first few days on Cape Cod outside Boston to rest from the conference and jetlag. The idea was to take advantage of the beautiful beaches and warm up before going to Harvard. I did not only turn ill from food poisoning, the beaches were closed because of great white sharks. In addition to great whites, the remnants from Hurricane Isaac hit the coast. Isaac was still a small gust of wind compared to Hurricane Sandy who hit the East Coast and Boston later this fall. Besides for hurricanes, the New England fall was beautiful. Boston offers a rich cultural life in terms of music, museums, and many interesting restaurants, especially from the Asian cuisine. Concerning research and education, there is of course not only Harvard and MIT, there are also Boston University, Boston College, to name a few. Spending three mounts at HBS has been quite an experience, not only in terms of high quality research and seminars. Education is taken extremely seriously and the case-based method practiced at HBS made a strong impression.


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