In the end of December 2012, Göran Bostedt made his third trip to China for a one week teaching activity held in Beijing Forest University (BFU).
goran_bostedtThe course was titled "Natural Resources Economics" and attracted a number of students from BFU. Göran was definitely happy with the turn out and the improvement on the students' English level compared to previous visits.

Bostedt and Xie Yi (who works at BFU and once visited SLU and Forest Economics from September 2011 to March 2012) are focusing on future collaborations such as projects, education and so on between SLU and BFU.

Except for one week of intensive teaching, Bostedt got the opportunity to taste real Chinese food and visit some ancient streets in Beijing. He was quite pleased with his trip, and expects more collaboration between SLU and BFU on research and education.


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