CERE's Tommy Lundgren has been on a mini-sabbatical during October 2012 to January 2013 where he visited University of California Berkeley and Oregon State University.
From the left: Grosskopf, Lundgren and FäreIn Oregon he met up with collaborators Shawna Grosskopf and Rolf Färe to work on the study "Which Bad is Worst? An Application of Leif Johansen's Capacity Model", which later was presented at the Conference in Memory of Lennart Hjalmarsson in Gothenburg, December 2012, and will be presented at the New Zealand Econometrics Meeting in February 2013.

In Oregon Lundgren also worked at the Färe/Grosskopf vineyard to bottle wine, de-breast ducks with his bare hands, and he had the pleasure to enjoy the Grapes of Rolf, mainly vintage 2010.

Lundgren gave a seminar at UC Berkeley in December where he presented a short introduction of CERE and talked about an ongoing study, "Climate Policy, Environmental Performance, and Profits". In Berkeley he also had the opportunity to celebrate Hanukkah with (among others) host Peter Berck, who is UCB professor and also Umeå University honorary professor.

CERE welcomes Tommy Lundgren back


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