Photo Credit: Martino's doodles via Compfight cc
The cost on society associated with extreme swarms of mosquitos is proven to be extensive in the recent report "Samhällsekonomisk analys av myggproblemets kostnader".

The socioeconomic analysis of this study suggests that actions to reduce the extreme swarms of mosquitos during the summer months are justified. The people living in Nedre Dalälven and neighboring counties would highly value a reduction of mosquitos. However, the impact on tourism appears to be insignificant.

Scott Cole and Bengt Kriström are contributors to a final report on the social cost of the mosquito problem in the Lower Dalälven. The report is a part of the regional landscape strategy "Människor, mygg och natur vid Nedre Dalälven". The study was conducted by a scenario-based valuation study, a time series analysis, an interview study and a literature review.

Read the report (Full report in Swedish, Executive summary in English).


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