On the 18th-20th June, CERE celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics. Due to the special occasion and the consistent popularity of the conference, accommodation and places for the conference were filled up fast.
The conference started back in 1993 when CERE's research director Bengt Kriström was at the Stockholm School of Economics and invited Paul Portney to speak at Ulvön. Portney was head of the RFF (Resources For the Future) and writing the NOAA (Natural Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Report at the time. Bengt met Paul again in 2013, and still Paul remembers the meeting and fermented herring quite well. The idea with the Ulvö meeting was to invite senior economists to interact with students at a place where you cannot run away. It has been a big success and is now an established part of CERE which we will carry on.

Throughout the years, an impressive amount of people have presented at the Ulvön Conference. One of them the late Elinor Ostrom who in 2009 received the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. But given the vast amount of speakers it is only a matter of time until there is another Award winning speaker among the Ulvö visitors.
See the list of all the speakers here.

Ulvön Photo by Juan IndaTorsten Persson. Photo by Juan Inda
Left: Ulvön. Right: Torsten Persson. Photos by Juan Inda

This year's presentations continued the wide range of environmental economics topics covered by CERE where our main focus was on the keynote speakers. Examples of this include the guest speaker, Torsten Persson, from IIES Stockholm University, who presented on, "Weather and Infant Mortality in Africa". Other speakers based within and outside Sweden presented on topics ranging from "Potential Gains from more Flexible European Water Price" to studies on "Carbon Convergeance". An included policy session also took place, titled the, "Mid Sweden University Hydropower Session". This session included speakers from Mid Sweden University and the University of Gothenburg.
And of course, the 20th Anniversary included all the favorite evening activities of walking up the Ulvön hill for a glimpse of the almost midnight sun and the Northern Swedish delicacy of surströmming (fermented herring) that Portney remembered so well.


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