On September 25th, we had our annual kick-off. This time members from our Advisory board and board of Directors were present.

The day started with PhD's presenting their ongoing work for CERE members and got valid input for their continuous work. Afterwards CERE members discussed their wishes with the Centre. That discussion continued after lunch with honored guests from our boards. First the board members got an introduction to CERE, followed by presentations of ongoing work by two PhD's and two Post Docs.


Lars Bergman, former President of Stockholm School of Economics, Yvonne Fredriksson, Former Director General of the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, Anders Kristoffersson, former Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Finance as well as Lars Hassel, Rector at the Umeå School of Business and Economics were present. CERE took the opportunity to ask the visitors about their thoughts, ideas and wishes concerning CERE. The various board members was very much pleased with our work so far and hoped for more visibility.

Now we start working on implementing the ideas that came up during the kick-off.


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