CERE member Kelly de Bruin is writing for Umeå University's research blog between November 25th and December 6th.
Kellys talks about her role as a researcher and her research in an entertaining and innovative way. Here are some quotes from her first three posts:

"Nature vs Money"

kellydebruin"For many people it is hard to imagine how climate change and economics can be combined. We have become accustomed to the idea that economics and nature are two competing concepts. The economist is assumed to not care about the environment but only about the increase in economic growth, in other words money. I think that there is a large misconception of what economics entails. Economics is the study of how we can best allocate our scarce resources to maximise our utility. In other words how can we arrange our consumption and preservation patterns over time to increase the value, the happiness we get from those resources."

"To model or not to model?"

"We can either throw our hands up in the air and give up on assessing climate change in a meaningful way or we can do the best we can with the data, theory and computation power we have. "

"Adaptation and Mitigation unite!"

"To me it makes no sense to look at just one of these options, as they are dependent on each other. It would be like when deciding how much pizza to order for dinner not considering how much hamburgers you will order."
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About the blog

The idea of the blog is to share information about the University's research, but also to create a dialogue between scientists and the surrounding community. The blog also allows the research to expresses their opinions and thoughts about research and their research area, but they can also take up other more or less contemporary issues.

All Kellys blogposts.

About Kelly

Kelly is a South African- Dutch climate change economist living and working in Umeå for the past 3 years and is working as a postdoctoral researcher at CERE. The focus of her work is using applied economic models to understand the effects of climate change and help formulate climate policies. Her first post discuss what exactly a climate change economist is doing, and how economics and climate change can be linked together.


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