Maria ArvanitiWe could like to welcome the new CERE member Maria Arvaniti to our group. Maria will be joining CERE as a Post-doc in the autumn of 2014.

Her main research focus will be general equilibrium modeling for Sweden. Maria is also interested in investigating the role of financial markets in the risk taking behavior of firms which could potentially be liable for environmental catastrophes.

Maria is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at The University of Warwick, the same University where she obtained her MSc in Economics.

Last January, Maria visited Umeå and CERE where she presented the paper "When financial imperfections are not the problem but the solution: the case of BP". Despite her experience in the cold Canadian winter, where she spent one year as a visiting graduate student, Maria found the darkness of Umeå's winter rather shocking, but its nature amazing. Luckily, Umeå has lots of activities to offer: from dancing, one of Maria's favorite hobbies, to (the most obvious) winter sports, a whole new world that Maria is willing to discover.


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