The 2015 and 22nd Ulvön conference showcased interesting and policy relevant issues on climate policies within the EU and other developing economies.

Chairman, Professor Bengt Kriström remarks that Ulvön continues to get better and better. In terms of internationalization, this year's conference attracted participants from Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, USA and Norway. It was a good opportunity for young researchers to interact with seasoned researchers on climate and environmental issues. Also, participants enjoyed walking through the island height in the night to look for moose's and tasting the popular Swedish fermented herring, which is produced on the Island. This year's conference featured four Keynote speakers tackling various interesting issues on climate policy.

We (Philip and Golnaz) found the presentation by Professor Astrid Kander from Lund University to be very interesting. She argued in her presentation that a global carbon accounting system should incorporate activities of cross border countries. According to her, good behavior should be rewarded and bad behavior should be punished.

The conference also had 16 other interesting presentations from participants covering various issues on climate and environmental policies, catastrophic risk, social norms, resource extraction, uncertainty and forest carbon sequestration, environmental valuation methods, energy efficiency and hourly electricity demand.
More on each keynote below:
Astrid Kander, Lund University
Astrid's speech touched on developing a national greenhouse-gas accounting technique for effective climate policy on international trade. pdfClick for full presentation.

Chris Böhringer, ZEW, University of Oldenbourg
Chris talk was on the challenges, design and implications of unilateral Climate Policies. pdfClick for full presentation.

Rolf Färe, Oregon State University
Rolf spoke about law of diminishing returns and other variations of the Weierstrass theorem. pdfClick for full presentation.

Rick Van der Ploeg, Oxford University
Rick's speech centered on optimal climate policy with gradual damages and tipping points. pdfClick for presentation Part 1. pdfPart 2
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Pictures from this year's conference, can be found on CERE's facebookpage.


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