The CERE famous Chandra Kiran has recently been offered, and gladly accepted, the position of Assistant Professor (biträdande lektor) at the Department of Forest Economics, at SLU Umeå. A position that will focus on resource and energy economics.

Chandra KChandras current employment is split between the Beijer Institute in Stockholm (a research center of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, KVA) and CERE/USBE. When we asked him about his new position, he said it is exciting because it allows him to explicitly focus on two of his major research interests, Resource Economics and Energy Economics. He has, in the past, worked on a range of questions in these areas, ranging from managing groundwater for agriculture in developing country settings to understanding the scope for real time pricing in the Swedish electricity market. In the future, he hope to explore larger-scale questions related to climate change, resource usage and management, and electricity markets and pricing.

He is also excited by the new position because it provides him the opportunity to develop specialized courses for advanced students on topics related to his research. Given that the Forest Economics Department is located within the Forestry faculty, he hope to work on forestry-related issues. He looks forward to beginning his new position, on January 1st, 2017, and to continue his more-than-five-year long journey with CERE!

To learn more about Chandras work here at CERE:
Vesterberg, M & Krishnamurthy, C. K. B (2016) Residential End-use Electricity Demand: Implications for Real Time Pricing in Sweden. Energy Journal 37

Or read the Working Paper published 2014
CERE WP #2014-16. Vesterberg, M., Krishnamurthy, C. K . B. & Bayrak, O. Residential End use electricity demand and the implications for real time pricing in Sweden.


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