The year at CERE starts off very international: We are happy to welcome PhD students Nishtman, Faniel and Mahboobeh as guest researchers to Umeå.

Nishtman Faniel
Nishtman Hatami from Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran will stay at CERE until June to study at the Department of Forest Economics at SLU. Delighted to finally meet the professors whose papers she has read extensively, she hopes to get their professional feedback on her topic “Forest management optimization considering economic and environmental objectives using grid search and stochastic simulation”.

Faniel Stefani from the University La Sapienza in Rome was attracted to CERE specifically because of the centre’s multidisciplinary approach towards renewable energy systems. As he sees the Swedish environmental system as a role model for Europe, spending six months in Umeå will provide him with ample opportunity to incorporate his new insights into the Swedish system with his research focus on the analysis of incentive systems for renewable energy sources across European countries.

MaboobehDuring March, we will be joined by Mahboobeh Farhadakashi who is a Master student at the University of Oulu, Finland. In her master thesis, she is testing the validity of consumer behaviour theories and wants to provide an intuition whether changes in income and price affect the electricity usage patterns. Since several CERE members based in Umeå research demand response behaviour in Sweden, Mahboobeh can expect to get valuable support in her research. CERE has traditionally a strong cooperation with other Baltic research partners and Mahboobeh’s visit will strengthen this link even further.


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