Mattias in FukokaCERE researcher Mattias Vesterberg visits Professor Shunsuke Managi and the Managi Lab in Fukoka, Japan. The purpose being to present Mattias research and to initiate a collaboration between CERE and Managi Lab.

Mattias Vesterberg, visited the Managi Lab, a research group at Fukuoka University, Japan. The visit was initiated by Mattias through a call to Professor Shunsuke Managi, director of the Managi Lab. The main objective of the visit was to start up a collaboration with researchers studying households’ demand for electricity.

Mattias presentation and discussion about his research was highly appreciated. With this in mind, discussions begun on how Mattias research can be integrated within the lab. During the stay, potential future projects were elaborated such as, new research questions and collection of data. According to Mattias, both parties are positive towards future collaborations. In addition, the Managi Lab was highly interested in building a bridge for doctoral students and post-docs to a greater extent visit between the two countries for shorter visiting periods. Work with collecting data for collaboration will hopefully commence come fall.

Even for a researcher, there is a life beside academia - Fukuoka delivered fabulous nature, nice and friendly people and not to mention the Fukuoka’s gastronomy.
The Urban Institute at Fukoka University is one of a dozen MoU:s CERE has all over the world.

Mattias defended his thesis on February 24th of this year. Read more about his research.


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