A new course offering exceeded expectations even before the first day of class. So far, 54 applications have been received for Introduction to Experimental Methods in Economics and Related Social Sciences, and they are still coming. Dr. Klarizze Puzon, course instructor and post doc at SLU forest economics and CERE, was expecting around five applicants, but has scheduled another course for 2018 to handle excess demand.

Dr. Puzon previously taught a course in experimental economics in the Philippines to an audience of both PhD students as well as post docs. She is excited to offer the material to a new audience in Europe. Puzon says the topic is not particularly new in Europe and there are experimental economics researchers in Gothenburg and Stockholm, but the demand for the class has still surpassed that of any other course recently offered in the CERE network.

So far, topics at any given course may include but are not limited to: framing effects, laboratory and field experiments, survey experiments, auction games, and neuroeconomics, as well how one can analyze data from naturally occurring games, such as the television shows “Weakest Link” and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.” In addition to PhD students, accepted participants also include post docs and assistant professors who want to expand their competencies to other types of experiments. Learning methods can include film media, lectures, group work, and actually playing experimental games. Puzon explained that having students play experimental games in class with paper and pencil will give participants actual experience in how they can run their own experiments even if they do not have funding for computer labs or elaborate field experiments.

The first course was given from May 15th through the 19th. Dates for the 2018 course have not yet been decided.
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