Tommy Lundgren is awarded the Nordea Scientific Award for his research within environmental and resource economics. The prize sum is 100 000 sek.

Andrius Kazukauskas is awarded the USBE Scientific Award.

Tommy LundgrenTommy is awarded in particular for his results and understanding in regards to how environmental and climate policy, both internal and external, affect companies financial and environmental performance as well as his work on the mechanisms and incentives behind Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Tommy’s research puts him ahead in Sweden when it comes to applying the economics toolbox to CSR issues and he has contributed to a deeper understanding on how a company’s economic performance is integrated with energy use and environmental performance, according to the nomination.

Tommy and his research group is currently analyzing energy use in Swedish industry, more specifically on how to estimate and model energy efficiency and the effects of energy policy’s that regulate energy efficiency. He is also about to initiate projects investigating the implications of ambitious climate policy and a transition towards a more circular economy and the effects on employment and job markets, and how a sustainable bioenergy production can be generated and sustained in Swedish forests and thereby reconcile future requests for renewable energy. The award sum is 100 000 sek and will be awarded at the Umeå University Academic Ceremony in the fall of 2017.

profile Kazukauskas CEREThe USBE award celebrates scientific writing and distinguishes high-quality research in within the three fields that the honorary award covers and within Economics it goes to CERE member Andrius Kazukauskas.

Andrius is happy to receive the award and acknowledges the contribution of CERE. - I sincerely think that without the support of my co-authors and collaborators within CERE I would not be in position to get this award, he says.

The award is based on scientific achievements over the years following the PhD (maximum om five years after the PhD diploma). The recipients’ achievements considered are publications in peer review journals, research funding applications granted, assignments of trust, networking and cooperation with relevant business communities. The award is given annually with start 2017 to the three disciplines Business Administration, Economics and Statistics and the recipients will present their research in connection with the graduation ceremony. The award is apart from Andrius, also presented to Jenny Häggström in Statistics and Galina Biedenbach, Business Administration.


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