The 24th round of tbe conference was successfully held from 20th to 22nd of June and attracted some 30 participants from different universities. There were a total 23 different presentations on selected topics in environmental economics over the course of those three days.

The conference started with the presentation of the first keynote speaker Professor Jason Shogren from University of Wyoming on non-market commitment (pledges). Also, Professor Ing-Marie Gren from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences who gave a presentation on the role of forests in climate policy and Professor Olivier Deschenes from University of California were keynotes. Olivier Deschenes. Photo: Tommy LundgrenProfessor Olivier Deschenes’s presentation on the social cost of adaptation to climate change was particularly intriguing considering the growing evidence that climate change is happening and will continue to happen.

The last day of the conference was also bundled with tasting of a Swedish traditional dish called fermented herring. Most of the participants, some for the first time, gave it a try and wondered if it could be less stinky, an unpleasant feature that might stop one from testing it.
Photo: Aemiro MelkamuUlvön conference on environmental economics is held annually in a small fishing hamlet island called “Ulvön”, located on the Swedish east-coast, approximately 500 km North of Stockholm. The conference gives researchers, mostly PhD students, a platform and opportunity not only to share research works and receive feedback on further improvements but also to connect/interact with colleagues within the field across the world.

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