CERE member and PhD Brian Danley has been a guest of Professors Nick Hanley and Danny Campbell at the University of Stirling in October and November. While at Stirling, Brian was given the opportunity to join a research project on discrete choice.

Brian scotlandBrian’s plan was to collaborate on an analysis of a postal survey on Swedish non-industrial private forest owners view on Sweden’s forest environmental protection guidelines. Initial findings show according to Brian “that there is little difference among forest owners in how they answered about nature protection guidelines, despite their seeming heterogeneity in socio-demographics and attitudes.” While at the University of Sterling, a chance arose for Brian to join Danny Campbell on one of his choice experiment projects. “It was easy to say “yes” to the opportunity and work with one of the leading researchers on discrete choice” Brian explains. The project is focused on distance decay in environmental valuation with the aim of providing insight for environmental policy design. Brian will assist by coding and estimating models as well as providing input on model design. The analysis is planned to be done by the end of the year.

During Brian’s stay, he has had a chance to “appreciate Stirlings beautiful views of valleys and rolling hills, the Scottish Highlands, the hospitality of the people, the stunning array of unique Scottish accents and peaty whiskey”.

Brian’s thesis is scheduled to be finished late 2018.


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