CERE member Erlend Dancke Sandorf spent 3 weeks (25.01.18 – 17.02.18) at the Institute for Transport Studies and the Choice Modeling Centre (CMC) at the University of Leeds. The CMC is large cross-disciplinary research centre comprising leading researchers in choice modeling. Click on headline to read more

Every day people make choices, e.g. drive or take the bus to work; or buy organic or regular coffee. Such choices involve trade-offs and have direct impact on the demand for these goods or services. Choice modeling is the use of mathematical models and data to estimate people’s preferences for these goods and services, and derive willingness-to-pay, forecast demand or market shares for them.

The purpose of the research visit was to continue existing collaborations and projects, and begin new ones. As part of my research visit I gave a seminar titled: “Assessing the impact of ‘professional’ respondents using an Integrated Choice and Latent Variable model”. This is a working paper written in collaboration with CERE members Lars Persson and Thomas Broberg. In addition, I was invited to participate in an internal CMC workshop. The focus of the workshop was for PhD students to present and discuss new ideas for future research and discuss possible future directions for choice modeling research.


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