We are searching for a doctoral student to join the Department of Forest Economics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå. The student will engage in the study of sustainable management of forest resources applying economic principles and econometric models. In this context, forest resource management can range from forest owner harvesting decisions, to industry-level behaviors responding to public policies, to the monetarization of forest ecosystem services. The final focus of the Ph.D. program will be determined by the candidate’s and mentor’s common interests. Candidates are encouraged to review research conducted by Dr. Tommy Lundgren Professor, Department of Forest Economics.

The selected PhD candidate will be involved in interdisciplinary efforts at the SLU Department of Forest Economics. The candidate will be involved in: identifying a research topic that expands the state-of-knowledge integrating economics and forest resource management or forest sector modeling; developing relevant research questions, developing a theoretical framework and an appropriate research design; applying appropriate econometric tools or analytical models; writing scientific manuscripts and produce a Ph.D. thesis suitable for examination. Course work is also included in the PhD program.

The PhD program consists of 4-year full-time studies where the position is to be contracted based on annual evaluations.

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The department of forest economics is focused on research and education within business administration and natural resource economics and policy, with a particular focus on forest-related natural resources. Departmental activities have strong connections to sustainable development. The department contributes to education at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and the Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, and is responsible for bachelor- and master programs as well as offering PhD education within business administration and resource economics. Geographically, the department is located at two campuses: Ultuna (Uppsala) and Umeå. The department also has very strong research connections locally and internationally: It is a key part of an inter-University (together with Umeå University) research center, CERE (www.cere.se); it is involved in SSFE (Scandinavian Society Forest Economics) (www.ssfe-network.org); and is responsible for the editorial office of the Journal of Forest Economics (www.nowpublishers.com/JFE); and the head office of the research- and knowledge network “Forest Bioeconomy Network” – closely connected to the EFI (European Forest Institute) (www.forbioeconomy.com), is located at the department.