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26th Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics

18th-20th of June, 2019, Ulvön, Sweden


Valentina Bosetti

Department of Economics, Bocconi University

Gunnar S. Eskeland

Department of Business and Management Science, Norwegian School of Economics

John Hassler

IIES-Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholms universitet

Snorre Kverndokk

Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research


Valentina Bosetti - Detailed process IAMs: latest research Part 1 | Part 2  
Gunnar S. Eskeland - The Investor Pays Principle. Evolving Institutions and the Coase Theorem
John Hassler - Integrated Assessment in a Multi-region World with Multiple Energy Sources and Endogenous Technical Change
Snorre Kverndokk - Climate policies: Distributional effects and transfers

Chiara Antonelli - Crop and income diversity as adaptation strategies to cope with climatic shocks: insights from Uganda panel data
Moriah Bostian - Prevention or cure? Abatement efficiency in a network technology
Mathilda Eriksson - Mangroves for Coastal Protection: Evidence from Hurricanes in Central America, Part 1 | Part 2
Ipek Eraydin - Social signaling in public goods provision: Evidence from green online crowdfunding
Huan Ha - Peer-to-peer Sharing vs Secondhand Market: Implications on the Manufacturing of Durable Goods
Rob Hart - Green paradoxes and red herrings
Derya Keles - Do PA reductions impact forest cover in the Brazilian Amazon? Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Karen Maguire - Cap and Trade and CO2 Emissions: Was the U.S. Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Effective?
Eric Nævdal - The role of technology in restoring fisheries – The tragedy of the commons squared
Eirik Romstad - Nonpoint source pollution contracts – Emission based regulations through models
Ruijie Tian - Emissions Trading Scheme and Directed Technological Change: Evidence from China
Alejandro del Valle - Household Financial Behavior After Hurricane Harvey

The Ulvön Conference is a forum for dissemination of high quality research in the field of environmental and natural resource economics. The conference provides a great opportunity for PhD students and senior economists to build networks and interact with leading researchers within their field.

The 2019 conference admits about 40 participants and is held annually on the island of Ulvön (pictures from Ulvön), a small fishing hamlet that is part of UNESCOs world heritage. The island is located on the Swedish east-coast, approximately 500 km North of Stockholm and the venue is a modern hotel placed on the island. You can find information about earlier Ulvön meetings via this link.
There is a conference fee of 500 EUR, 200 EUR for presenting PhD students, which includes food, lodging and all transportation to and from the relevant airports (either Örnsköldsvik (OER) or Umeå (UME)) on the 18th and 20th. The times to get on the bus (trip begins in Umeå and then proceeds southbound to Örnsköldsvik) and the return trip times are listed here. We are constrained by limitations at the site and, due to us all staying at the same hotel, participants will be placed in shared rooms with same gender participants. If the capacity constraints are exceeded, the organizing committee will accept papers based on timeliness and quality (both parameters have positive weights in the decision function, so the earlier the better). Provide a title (and abstract) for a suggested presentation when you register. Abstract submission deadline is April 24th, 2019. We encourage electronic submission of extended abstracts (1-2 pages). Decisions of acceptance to the conference will be announced April 30th. A link for registration will be provided and deadline for registering is May 13th.

UlvulvGiven the previous proportion of "no-shows", the following incentive-program has been imposed. The conference fee has to be pre-paid and a registration link will be sent to accepted participant shortly upon submission. In addition, if your fee is not registered in our account before June 4th 2019 (remember that the payment might take a few days to show up in our account) we interpret it as a cancellation.

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Hotels in Umeå

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Get on the bus, June 18th:

08.00 Bus from the entrance of Umeå Plaza Hotel
09.30 Bus from Örnsköldsvik Bus station
10.30 Boat from Docksta to Ulvön

On the way back, June 20th:

12.30 Departure by boat to Docksta
13.15 Bus to Örnsköldsvik/Umeå
14.00 Arrival at Örnsköldsvik Bus station
15.30 Arrival at Umeå Airport


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