A wolf statue howling at the moon and sea at Ulvön (wolf Island)

The Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics

The main purpose of the Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics is to provide a forum for the dissemination of high-quality research in environmental economics. Initiated in 1993, and the idea is to allow PhD students to present their work and interact with several leading researchers in the field. The conference is held at Ulvön (the Wolf Island) a small, attractive old fishing hamlet located along the high coast, about 500 km north of Stockholm. 

The conference is usually held during the Swedish midsummer week Tuesday to Thursday and registration comes out in February/March each year. Information about upcoming conferences shows up on the front page with registration. If you want to have a look at some photos from previous conferences – visit the CERE Facebook page

Ulvö keynote speakers

All keynote speakers at the Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics since 1993. Please note that the speaker’s affiliation is the one valid at the time of the talk, not necessarily the current one.

Vic Adamowicz, University of Alberta

Anna Alberini, University of Maryland

Amy Ando, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Geir Asheim, University of Oslo

Yuri Belyaev, SLU-Umeå

Peter Berck, UC Berkeley

Olvar Bergland, UMB, Norway

Ted Bergstrom, UC Santa Barbara

Peter Bohm, Stockholm University

Valentina Bosetti, Bocconi University

Dan Bromley, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Gardner Brown, University of Washington

Chris Böhringer, ZEW, University of Oldenburg

Richard Carson, University of San Diego

Graciela Chichilnisky, Columbia University

Anne-Sophie Crépin, The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics & Stockholm Resilience Centre

Maureen Cropper, The World Bank

Mikołaj Czajkowski, University of Warsaw

Partha Dasgupta, Cambridge University

Robert Deacon, UC Santa Barbara

Olivier Deschenes, University of California

Gunnar Eskeland, Norwegian School of Economics, Norway

Rolf Färe, University of Oregon

Larry Goulder, Stanford University

Ing-Marie Gren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Shawna Grosskopf, Oregon University

Michael Hanemann, UC Berkeley

Nick Hanley, University of Stirling

Glenn W. Harrison, University of South Carolina

John Hartwick, UBC, Canada,

John Hassler, Stockholm University

Geoffrey Heal, Columbia University

Michael Hoel, Oslo University

Astrid Kander, Lund University

Cornelis van Kooten, University of Victoria

Bengt Kriström, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Snorre Kverndokk, Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research

Magnus Lindmark, Umeå University

Karl-Gustaf Löfgren, University of Umeå

David Maddison, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Robert Mendelsohn, Yale University

Karl-Göran Mäler, Beijer Institute

Eric Nævdal, Frisch Centre, Norway

Jon Norberg, Stockholm University

Linda Nostbakken, Statistics Norway, Norwegian School of Economics 

Kaj Nyström, University of Umeå

David Maddison, University of Birmingham

Elinor Ostrom, University of Indiana

Torsten Persson, Stockholm University

William Pizer, RFF

Steve Polasky, Oregon University

Paul Portney, RFF

Martin Quaas, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research

Alan Randall, Ohio State University

Bo Ranneby, SLU-Umeå

Eirik Romstad, NMBU

Thomas Rutherford, University of Colorado

Agnar Sandmo, University of Bergen

Jason Shogren, University of Wyoming

Brent Sohngen, The Ohio State University

David Starrett, Stanford University

Richard Tol, University of Sussex, Vrije University Amsterdam

Hirofumi Uzawa, Japan Development Bank

Rick Van der Ploeg, Oxford

Jeffrey Vincent, Harvard University

Hans Wallin, University of Umeå

Martin Weitzman, Harvard University

Martin Whitby, University of Newcastle

Jim Wilen, UC Davis