How forest owners can be compensated for conservation

A new way of compensating forest owners that are required to set aside forest land for conservation could be by a fund based on a production oriented fee. This system would also facilitate a landscape view on forest management, which in turn would contribute to Sweden reaching their environmental goals, according to a resent study.

In the article published in Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research we find researchers from SLU, Uppsala University and Bern University of Applied Sciences. One of them CERE’s Göran Bostedt.

Read a news article on the study “Så kan skogsägare kompenseras för avsättningar till naturvård” only in Swedish

The article

Bostedt, G., de Jong, J., Ekvall, H., Hof, A., Sjögren, J. & Zabel, A. (2021): An Empirical Model for Forest Landscape Planning and its Financial Consequences for Landowners. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research, 36 (7-8), 626-638.