Fermented herring on a bit of bread, with red onion and dill

Report from the 2022 Ulvön Conference

The 28th edition of the Ulvön Environmental Economics Conference took place the days just before Midsummer at the beautiful island of Ulvön. 33 participants did a good job at keeping the scientific level and discussion at top level.

Four keynotes was scheduled but Linda Nostbakken had to cancel due to illness. Adan Martinez Cruz and AJ Bostian stepped up and filled her spot with interesting talks. Richard Tol, Martin Quaas, and Anne-Sophie Crépin all did an excellent job presenting their current research. Presentations (mainly ph d’s and post doc’s) upheld an impressive quality and level. The scientific discussion and level was high and the parrot – who speaks when the economics is lacking in the presentation – didn’t come out even once!

One of the highlights of the conference is the tasting of the fermented herring. We were all thrilled to hear the story about the surströmming and how it has been an integral part of the island’s history. And the tasting was also an appreciated event. Many are surprised the rotten fish taste quite good with the right fixings!

We are now looking forward to the 29th edition of the conference!

See the photoalbum from Ulvön 2022 on our facebook.

Tommy Lundgren