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Sem: Edwin Muchapondwa

On Tuesday December 5th at 1 pm, our CERE Seminar Series will host Edwin Muchapondwa. Professor of Economics in the…

tisdag 05 dec, 2023

13:00 - 14:00

Utsikten A3 18 (SLU building)


  • Funding from Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS):

    We are thrilled that Hanna Lindström and Göran Bostedt, CERE, have received funding from the Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS) for…

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  • Machine learning for Causal Inference –Course taught at CERE by Katya Vasilaky and Eduardo Zambrano of Cal Poly

    From September 11th to 15th, 2023, Associate Professor Katya Vasilaky and Professor Eduardo Zambrano –both at Orfalea College of Businesst,…

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  • The Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics 2023: report and pics

    The 29th edition of the Ulvön Environmental Economics Conference took place the days just before Midsummer at the beautiful island…

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