A wolf statue howling at the moon and sea at Ulvön (wolf Island)

Ulvön Frequently Asked Questions

Ulvö conference Questions

Getting there

How do I get to Ulvön?

We recommend that you travel with the conference, starting at Umeå the day of the conference at the entrence of the Umeå Plaza hotel. If you like to travel on your own there are a number of possibilities. In reverse order: there is a boat from Ulvön to the mainland to two different ports, Docksta and Köpmanholmen. You can get to either Docksta or Köpmanholmen by car or bus. The nearest airport to these ports is Örnsköldsvik (OER). There is public transportation that should make it possible to connect directly from OER to Köpmanholmen via bus. However, the time-tables change from year to year, so it is necessary to check the connections carefully.

Is there a recommended itinerary?

We recommend that you arrive to Umeå the day before the conference and then leave (from Umeå) in the afternoon of the day when the conference ends. This typically entails flying in the afternoon before the conference and then leaving on the afternoon of the conference end date.

Where and when to get on the bus:

08.00 Bus from the entrance of Umeå Plaza Hotel

09.30 Bus from Örnsköldsvik Bustation

10.30 Boat from Docksta to Ulvön

On the way back…

12.30 Departure by boat to Docksta

13.15 Bus to Örnsköldsvik/Umeå

14.00 Arrival at Örnsköldsvik Busstation

15.30 Arrival at Umeå Airport

Where can I stay in Umeå before the conference?

Staying in Umeå

Since the bus leaves from the entrance of Plaza Hotel, does this mean that I have to live at the Plaza hotel?


Do I have to book this myself, or do you take care of everything for me?

You have to take care of everything before the conference starts, ie before the bus leaves at 08.00 from the entrance of Plaza Hotel and after the conference, ie 15.30 when we arrive at the Umeå airport. We can also drop you off in Örnsköldsvik.


Where do I pay?

A registration link will be sent to the participants via email. The email will also contain information on how to pay.

Does the fee cover my stay in Umeå?


Staying at the Ulvö Island

Where do we stay at Ulvön?

All conference participants are booked in the same hotel. Usually, this means that participants will be sharing rooms. If you prefer to have your own room, well, we are in trouble. If you are invited as a keynote speaker, other rules apply. We will try to help you, but since we started this conference in 1993, we have been able to work it out with room-sharing. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the conference fee covers what it covers. The second is that the space is limited and we really want everybody to stay at the same place. Consequently, money and space essentially dictates the sharing arrangements.

Can I leave the conference when it suits me?

We recommend, again, that you travel with the conference. If you need to leave at some other time, there is the regular boat as well as taxi-boats. You will have to find the mainland connections on your own. The personell at the hotel at Ulvön will be glad to help you.


What is the weather like at Ulvön in June?

At earlier meetings, the weather has been rather nice, with temperatures in the range 15-20 celsius, sometimes even warmer. However, the weather is unpredictable and we have had occasions when it has been windy and rainy and temperatures down to 5 celsius. Be prepared!


Do I have to present a paper?

No. Students who present a paper pay less.

Do I have to bring paper copies?

No, but it is often appreciated.

Do I have to have a final version of the paper at the conference?

At least a draft version is recommended.

Can I use power point?


Fermented herring

Is it true that you consume that scary stuff called fermented herring at the meeting?